[Chrome Extension] Enable Right click and Drag

[Chrome Extension] Enable Right click and Drag

Enable Right Click and Drag


Some sites on the internet are impossible to right-click and drag. For example in the wordpress blog, if a administrator adds a plug-in to prevent right-click and drag, visitors could not use right-click and drag. In the case of Internet Explorer, you can use the right-click and drag to the functionality provided by toolbar.

Nowadays there are lots of Chrome users. As many Android users grows more and more, the Chrome users are increasing continously. In the Chrome extension, you are able to right-click and drag protection.


Stab by Step – [Chrome Extension] Enable Right-click and drag


There are many functions in Chrome extension. By adding a number of extension program with various features in Chrome, you can easily take advantage of the web surfing environment. Typically there are ‘translation’ extension. You can search and acquire any information in any language. If you follow the steps with the video clip [Stab by Step] Chrome Extension – Use Drag and Right Click you step by step, you can drag and right click when they are not possible. What you have to do is, simply add a Chrome extension.


Step 1: Visit the Web page, right-click and drag blocked

First, connect to a Web page which does not allow right-click and drag. Just a few steps you will have to right-click and drag-enabled Chrome extension on this web page.


Step 2: Chrome Web Store Access

Connect to Chrome Web Store. On the left adobe side of the page, you can find the search box. Type “Allow Right Click” Enter to the search. Choose and Install “Pumpkin’s Right Click Enable Install” among the results.


Step 3: Click the extension icon with “P” on the top of the Chrome window

In the box of extension when you can click the extension icon, activate “Super Enable”. (You can also use keyboard shortcuts “Alt + ,”).

Caution: If you enable javascripts, some features on the web could not be implemented.

Step 4: Right-click and drag can be free in Chrome web page

If you enable the feature may be a little bit ago, everything becomes possible icluding right-click and drag on the page which was not possible.

In the next post, I’ll let you know useful Chrome usage and extension.

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