[Chrome extension] Read Any Web Page with Google Translator

[Chrome extension] Read Any Web Page with Google Translator

Translate and Read any web page with Google translate added


It could be possible that some web page could be written in different language which is not in your mother tongue. If a person can read a variety of languages (most people can not do that), a translator is not necessary. However, if you use Chrome instead, you can translate a web page to add Chrome extension in the desired language. You can read any web page in any language. Google translate is seemed to have some problems yet. However, you could acquire subtle idea from the result of google translator. Also, if the combinations of simple sentences of a Web page is, the accuracy of the translation arise.

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Google Translate – Chrome Extension

There are many functions in Chrome extensions Web Store. By adding a number of extensions in Chrome, you can easily take advantage of the web surfing. Following steps with the [Stab by Step] Chrome Extension – Google Translate, you can fiercely stab where you want. Simply translate any web page to add Chrome extension, you can extend the search area at the sea of informations.


Step 1: Visit the Web page you want to translate

There is a web page which is not written in English, for example. I search and connect to the web page which you want to get an information written in a different language. Soon! You can convert into a language that I can read.


Step 2: Chrome Web Store Access

Connect to Chrome Web Store. On the left side of the page, above the search box, type “Google Translate”, enter and search. At the top of the search results, there is “Google Translate”. This is what you have to add to Chrome.


Step 3: Click the extension icon of Google Chrome windows in the upper right corner.

In the upper right corner of Chrome window, Click the Google Translte extension icon.

In the window when you click the icon, Click “Translate This Page”.
And then the web page would be translated automatically in English, if your location and language preset is English. If you click the Google Translator tab again, you can select the language you want to translate into and ‘Show Original (Source view) button.


Step 4: Translate and Read any web page with Google translate added

If you enable this feature, you can translate many languages which are countless. You can surf the Web in your native language. In case you want to translate only a sentence or paragraph, drag them where you want to translate. And then, right-click. You can see there is a tab for Google translator feature.


Video Guide [Stab by Step] Chrome Extension – Google Translate

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